We’re a collective of music industry and tech veterans. We have a diverse and an extraordinary variety of expertise. Here’s a little about each of us:

Kate Leaver (VP Business Development)

Born and raised in Seattle, Kate always had a love for northwest and independent music. After a brief affair with the bass guitar, Kate learned she was better suited for music appreciation than rock stardom.

As Vice President of Business Development, Kate handles the business side of Sarathan operations. She does everything from partnering with our distributor and overseeing production, to working with film and television supervisors and making sure every track listing is spelled correctly in ASCAP's database.

Kate makes her job look so effortless that you might not know exactly what she's doing. But if it didn't get done, you would know. Kate is the music ninja that makes your life easier. Most days, Kate works understatedly in her office, quietly putting out fires before anyone even knows there's a spark.