We’re a collective of music industry and tech veterans. We have a diverse and an extraordinary variety of expertise. Here’s a little about each of us:

Jonathan Kochmer (Owner & Founder, and “Man Behind the Curtains”)

For his entire life, Jonathan has pursued parallel but separate careers in musical and technical worlds. But with SOS, these separate threads have now been joined into the fabric of one goal: deploying technology and analytic tools to support artists’ professional careers.

As a technologist and statistician, Jonathan’s activities have included helping develop and deploy the browse system, data warehouse, and data mining infrastructure at Amazon.com; writing four of the first full-length books for Internet training with the National Science Foundation (with a focus on database applications); and working as a statistician / programmer at the Human Genome Mapping Library Project, Batelle Labs and Yale University.

As a musician, Jonathan has released seven full-length records, including three LPs by the critically-acclaimed Two Loons for Tea, recording and performing with members of Fiona Apple, King Crimson, Tori Amos, XTC and many others. Two Loons has toured nearly 50,000 miles throughout the US and Europe and reached top-20 charting on radio.

Along the way, he has also helped develop a novel treatment for mesothelioma (asbestos-induced lung cancer) deployed by Bethesda Medical Center; discovered a new species; authored scientific articles on global warming, biogeography, and phylogenetic constraints in phenology; and earned a full scholarship to and multiple degrees from Yale despite not graduating from high-school. His proudest achievements have perhaps been learning how to live exclsuviely on roots and berries in the woods, and hearing that Jeff Bezos refers to him as “a genius and a gentleman”.

For SOS, Jonathan will be focused on building databases, evaluating best-of-breed online technologies, and deploying data-mining and other analytic tools to support our expanding galaxy of artist promotion activities.