We’re a unique boutique online marketing, branding, and PR company devoted to designing compelling and custom-fit promotional campaigns for musicians and labels based upon your goals combined with our industry expertise. We’ll create a specific multi-platform media campaign to launch your vision and propel you on your desired trajectory. Sarathan Online Services (SOS) connects you to the global music community through custom-branded marketing, specifically tailored digital and social media community management, and innovative fan outreach and development methods.

We are that one-of-a-kind-find. Welcome. SOS likes YOU.


It all begins with an introductory consultation that we’ll do in-person, online or by phone -- whichever works best, whether you’re a local, national or global act.

We’ll talk about where you are now with your art and career and where you want to go. Together we’ll decide what happens next based upon your desires and timeline. Our mission is to achieve results in the most effective manner, so depending upon our initial consultation, current roster load, and our mutual creative connection, we’ll sculpt the optimal plan for you and launch the campaign. We’re available for short and focused targets, long-term evolving strategic partnerships and everything in between.

Let’s talk, and together we’ll craft a made-to-order plan for you.


We have trusted and established relationships with tastemakers and industry gatekeepers: we know how to contact them, and we know how to get your music heard by the right people. We’ll teach you how to engage with and make the most of your existing fans. And we’ll also help you reach prospective fans who have not yet heard of you but are highly likely to embrace your music.

Sarathan Records has launched many campaigns like this for our own artists so we understand the tremendous amount of time, effort, and organization that is required to perfectly execute Internet PR and marketing campaigns. Over many years, we’ve carefully curated thousands of digital media and social networking contacts, developed effective marketing methods and earned the trust of these media outlets while perfecting outreach to current and prospective fans.

With the depth and breadth of our methods, SOS can help expose new acts who are just getting started or work with established artists who are committed to continually growing or making the most of their hard-earned fan-bases. We also work with independent labels or distributors in marketing one or more of their acts.

We offer state-of-the-art analytical reports throughout every phase of the campaign to give each artist tangible feedback that helps develop your strategies moving forward.